About The Story of the Royals

The Story of the Royals launches from a simple question: how exactly did we get here? How did an institution so rigidly built on ideas of hereditary succession come to welcome such a radically new identity to its ranks? Jumping back to the early decades of the twentieth century, we explore pivotal moments in the crown’s history to find illuminating echoes of our present. Featuring interviews with: Andrew Morton, whose explosive “Diana: Her True Story” exposed all of Princess Diana deep secrets; Lady Jane Rayne, one of Queen Elizabeth’s Maids of Honor for her Coronation; Charles Anson, Queen Elizabeth’s former Secretary; and Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana’s former Secretary, among many others, The Story of the Royals gives diverse audiences a front-row seat to how an American, Biracial, former actress found herself at the threshold of one of the world’s most powerful families and radically changed the reflection of Kensington Palace to a more relatable image.