About Star Wars: Behind Closed Doors

It’s one of the most successful film franchises in movie history and has become an indelible part of pop culture. But when it was first sold and cast with relative unknows, Star Wars was anything but a sure thing. Initially dismissed as a space fantasy, Star Wars caught everyone by surprise when it premiered in May 1977, capturing the zeitgeist, creating lifelong fans, and reaping millions in box office sales. The largely unknown cast became overnight sensations, thrusting Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford into the spotlight. The success of the film begat sequels, prequels, spin offs, television series, billions of dollars in merchandising, and a groundbreaking special effects company. Star Wars: Behind Closed Doors tells the inside story of the film’s conception, its cast and crew, and how for more than 40 years it continues to captivate the people of earth with tales of a galaxy far, far away. This episode of Behind Closed Doors features new interviews with the people who were there, including Star Wars special effects pioneer John Dykstra, producer Howard Kazanjian, and editor Paul Hirsh as well as archival interviews with director George Lucas and the cast. Interviews with journalists and industry insiders like director Kevin Smith, Danica McKellar, Jamie King, Kyle Newman and others explain the enduring impact of the Star Wars franchise and why it continues to resonate with audiences today.