About Sinatra & The Jack Pack

Sinatra & the Jack Pack takes viewers along Sinatra’s journey from growing to become one of Kennedy’s closest friends and confidants to his abrupt ejection from the president’s inner circle. Sinatra’s 100th birthday would’ve been on December 12, 2015 and while many will recall his iconic voice and signature style, few know about the time in the late 1940’s when his career was on the brink of disaster. Sinatra & the Jack Pack details this near collapse, when his music fell out of fashion and his acting career almost went kaput after nearly being dropped by his movie studio. Sinatra’s ace up his sleeve was his good pal and fellow playboy John F. Kennedy who helped Sinatra make one of the biggest comebacks in the history of pop culture—until he was unceremoniously and ruthlessly erased from the president’s A-list.