About Meghan Markle: A Father’s Story

A loving father who although well acquainted with film, TV and Hollywood, Thomas Markle was more of a behind the scenes kind of guy who was thrust into the world spotlight when his daughter Meghan announced she was dating, and later engaged, to Prince Harry. From his close relationship with Meghan growing up to struggling with press attention, his illness and missing the royal wedding and the heartbreak of losing contact with his daughter, Thomas bares all in an intimate and raw tell all. Through a cinematically shot interview, intercut with extraordinary family archive from Thomas’ own collection, as well as world news archive, this emotional one-off sees Thomas Markle address the headlines, admit his mistakes and explain his thought processes, over past 3 years. After opportunities for reconciliation have gone by, this one-off special is Thomas Markle’s last-ditch attempt to set the record straight and reach out to Meghan to convince her of his love and honourable intentions. This will be a must-see for true insight into one of the British Royal family’s last additions and to understand the real Thomas Markle Senior.