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About Joan Rivers: Behind Closed Doors

Joan Rivers was a true showbiz pioneer: a woman who could be funnier, smarter, and more risqué than her male counterparts, at a time when comedy was unquestionably a man’s world. But despite all of the success of her 55-year career, Rivers believed she never got the recognition she deserved – and her acerbic and aggressive stand-up style let you know that she probably knew it. Joan Rivers—Behind Closed Doors explores how the former Joan Molinsky became Joan Rivers, the groundbreaking comedian and entertainer and sheds light on who the real Joan was beyond the footlights. Inspired by the legendary Lenny Bruce, Rivers believed that the funniest gags came from truth. She fashioned her comedic style from her day to day life and insecurities as a self-proclaimed Jewish American princess from the suburbs. Rivers’ catch phrase “Can we talk?” let audiences know that she was out to break taboos and tell uncomfortable truths. Her routines upended acceptable female behavior and disregarded political correctness. Joan struggled for years on the stand-up club circuit. Finally, late night TV icon Johnny Carson gave Rivers the big break she needed, making her a regular guest on the Tonight Show starting in 1965. But when she became the first woman to host a late night talk show it permanently estranged her from Carson. After her late night show tanked and her husband committed suicide, Rivers came back with a popular daytime TV talk show, and later became famous (and infamous) for her caustic stream of consciousness commentary at red carpet Hollywood events. With no qualms about attacking celebrities, including herself, Joan made the red carpet worth watching. Behind Closed Doors: Joan Rivers offers an intimate look at the tough, relentless woman who broke or ignored the prevailing rules of show business, who hit rock bottom more than once, and who rose to greater heights every time.