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About Inside The Mind of a Serial Killer

Key moments can be traced which reveal when a serial killer began his or her murderous journey; from sinister childhood experiences, adult knockbacks, detectable mental frailty to narcissism and an absence of empathy, this series looks at the triggers that kick-start their psychopathic behavior. By forensically researching the lives of those killers who can’t stop killing, the program reveals why they do what they do and how we could have spotted them – if only we knew the signs. Criminologists, psychologists, journalists and detectives come together to reveal exactly what the telltale signs are and analyze the chilling behavior of the killers who have murdered; over-and over again. Video captured by family members, security cameras or released by police, reveals a dark truth. Serial killers look, act and sound like people we all know. With dramatic reconstructions and interviews with those intimately involved in the story, this series brings science to true crime.