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About Geraldo Rivera’s Murder in the Family

Geraldo Rivera dives deep into some of the darkest hours in a celebrity’s life when they lose a family member to murder or had a family member commit the ultimate crime. Hour-long episodes show the real stories behind the tragedies that befell Dylan McDermott, Kelsey Grammer, Donatella Versace, Woody Harrelson and Dave Navarro with a look at the shocking crime, the investigation, the trials and the aftermath that resulted from the life changing loss.


In the series premiere see the tragic tale of Academy-Award® winning actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson. In 2008 Hudson is stunned to learn her mother, Darnell, and brother, Jason have been fatally shot in her family home. Her seven year old nephew, Julian, has been abducted.  Jennifer rushes to her sister Julia’s side in Chicago.  Both women think they know who may have committed these terrible crimes and it’s someone very close to the family.