About Aaron Hernandez’s Killing Fields

Aaron Hernandez’s Killing Fields showcases an unrivalled team of professional investigators who uncover startling evidence as they attempt to crack the mystery as to why a millionaire NFL superstar with a fiancé and a baby would become a cold-blooded killer. Aaron Hernandez’s Killing Fields reveals an active, unfolding investigation with twists, revelations and cliff-hangers. The ex-NFL star’s jailhouse lover speaks for the first time and reveals a bombshell: a never-before-known fourth murder at the hands of the New England Patriot and exposes that Aarons twisted double life was worse than anyone ever knew. Finally, startling new details emerge about Aaron’s suicide as our professional investigators try and determine if the hidden story of brain injuries suffered from playing football were behind his murder spree, or was Hernandez just a criminal from the outset and moving from one cover-up to another?