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About Jackie Kennedy: Behind Closed Doors

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis personified celebrity for more than 30 years and yet, few people really knew her.  She projected a confident, glamorous and graceful image to the public but, in private, Jackie was a different person entirely. Jackie Kennedy: Behind Closed Doors, hosted by NBC’s Natalie Morales, is a multi-part documentary series produced by Peacock Productions, and will tell the complete story of a young woman who was groomed to be one person only to discover she was quite another, a first lady who was both famous and mysterious, and a fashion icon who carefully cultivated her image yet remained fiercely private. After the assassination, Jackie was tireless in her effort to write her version of the history, editing out Jack’s womanizing, her suicidal thoughts after his death and how she numbed herself with alcohol to cope. This is the portrait of Jackie that, until now, remained behind closed doors.