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The Year Was 2005: Steven Avery

07/28/2016 by REELZ

The Year Was 2005: Steven Avery
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Ted Bundy’s murder spree spanned several states, and at least 4 years, although many speculate that his crimes started years earlier.  When the authorities caught up with Ted Bundy for the last time in Florida, a search of his car produced his murder kit.  He had it with him all the time so he was always ready for the next kill.

•    Woolen ski mask
•    Nylon stockings
•    Red handled ice pick
•    Crowbar
•    Handcuffs
•    Flashlight
•    White clothesline rope
•    Orange electrical cord
•    Long strips of torn bed sheet for tying up victims
•    Two different gloves
•    Glad trash bags
•    A woman’s belt