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Exorcism in Art

10/13/2015 by REELZ

Exorcism in Art
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Three Miracles of St Zenobius - Sandro Botticelli
Three Miracles of St Zenobius (detail) - Sandro Botticelli
Jesus Christ dispossesses (section of abstinence cloth in the Cathedral of Gurk, Carinthia, Austria) - Meister Konrad von Friesach
Passionary of Weissenau
San Francisco de Borja asiste a un moribundo impenitente (San Francisco de Borja and the impenitent dying) - Francisco de Goya
Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, Folio 166r - The Exorcism the Musée Condé, Chantilly
Le démoniaque aveugle et muet (The Blind and Mute Man Possessed by Devils) - James Tissot
Strasbourg Cathedral - Stained glass windows
Strasbourg Cathedral - Stained glass windows (detail) - Jesus healing the demon-possessed
Jesus Heals a Demon-possessed Boy - Ilyas Basim Khuri Bazzi Rahib
Heilung des stummen Besessenen
Heilung des stummen Besessenen (detail)
Meister der Wunder von Mariazell Exorzismus
Tableau Saint Exupère
St. Catherine of Siena Exorcising a Possessed Woman - Girolamo di Benvenuto
Exorcism of St Benedict - Spinello Aretino
One of six panel paintings on an altar in the shrine at Zell in the Duchy of Styria
Verona, Basilica di San Zeno, bronze door