Autopsy: The Last Hours of...: OJ Simpson Murder Case Re-Examined


On June 12th 1994 the body of 34 year old Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of OJ Simpson, and the body of Ron Goldman, a friend, were found on the sidewalk of her west LA home Рboth had apparently been viciously stabbed to death. Five days later in one of the most famous car chases, OJ Simpson went on the run from police Рwanted for murder. Despite OJ being arrested and tried for the murders, after 10 months of what became known as the trial of the century, he was acquitted and even after extensive forensic police investigations no one has ever been found guilty of these horrendous crimes. Armed with the autopsy report, and the forensic evidence uncovered by the police, Dr Michael Hunter will take the viewer back over the last few days of Nicole’s life and try and unravel what happened on that fateful night. From how the stab wounds reveal the movements of the killer to the possibilities of illegal drugs; flaws in the collection of evidence and a history of domestic violence. Hunter uses this information to build up a profile of the killer. Alongside careful and detailed reconstructed drama scenes we talk to close friends, a psychologist and people who knew Nicole and OJ to painstakingly piece back together the nature of their complex relationship, to figure out who committed these crimes, and why.