Autopsy: The Last Hours of...: Marilyn Monroe Re-Examined


In the golden age of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe eclipsed all others. Through a series of hit films in the 1950s she became the ultimate sex symbol. Her iconic look made her one of the most photographed, most famous women on the planet. But on 3.50 am on August 5th 1962 Marilyn was pronounced dead in the bedroom of her Los Angeles home. In spite of her success, Marilyn suffered chronic insomnia, severe anxiety and depression and died with bottles of prescription pills at her bedside. Her death was declared a ‘probable suicide. ’ But this official uncertainty and rumors of affairs with both John F and Robert Kennedy opened the floodgates to fifty years of conspiracy theories and allegations that Marilyn was murdered. Now world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr Michael Hunter is piecing together the events of Marilyn’s last hours, using the autopsy report and her recently revealed private medical records. Here, buried deep in the archives, he discovers a damning piece of fresh evidence, allowing him to offer a startling new conclusion and finally reveal who was responsible for the death of Marilyn Monroe.