Autopsy: The Last Hours of...: Dana Plato


On May 8, 1999, the world was saddened by the news that actor Dana Plato, died in Moore, Oklaholma. As a child star in Eighties TV show ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Dana had captured the heart of America playing everyone’s favourite older sister, Kimberley Drummond. It seemed nothing could stop her. But after riding high on the show’s success, her career dwindled and Dana suffered a series of crushing lows including the loss of her beloved adoptive mum as well as a marriage breakdown. As Dana’s life continued to unravel, she turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with her problems becoming a Hollywood pariah. Dana was found dead in her RV at the age of just 34. She had died of a multidrug overdose and her passing was originally reported as accidental but the autopsy report would later rule this death as suicide. There are those that remain convinced that the young mother with so much to live for would never take her own life. So what really happened? World renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Hunter needs to analyse every detail of Dana’s autopsy, toxicology report and personal testimonies to find out more about her last days and whether Dana Plato really meant to commit suicide?