Autopsy: The Last Hours of...: Amy Winehouse Re-Examined


Amy Winehouse was one of the most gifted singer songwriters of her generation. Her multi-award winning album Back to Black has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Her soulful voice, the raw honesty of her lyrics and witty, down-to-earth personality won the hearts of millions. But at 3.30pm on July 23rd 2011, she was found dead in the bedroom of her home in Camden, North London. At the inquest, the coroner concluded she had died of alcohol poisoning. Winehouse fought a very long and public battle with addiction. But in the weeks leading up to her death, she had made huge progress – she was clean of drugs and she was trying to tackle her alcoholism. So why did Amy Winehouse suddenly drink herself to death? Using information revealed by her autopsy, testimony heard at the Inquest and eyewitness accounts, world renowned forensic pathologist Dr Michael Hunter investigates the last days of Amy Winehouse.