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About Casey Anthony: Her Friends Speak

More than seven years after her acquittal, Casey Anthony’s friends are speaking out. They recall their tense interviews with police, and the media circus surrounding her high-profile trial in which Casey Anthony faced the death penalty. This quartet includes a childhood friend who was rumored to be Caylee’s father. A tattoo artist who inscribed “Bella Vita” on Casey’s left shoulder, just two weeks after her daughter went missing. A friend who recalls being besieged by reporters on his apartment steps after the story broke. A former roommate who makes a heart-wrenching visit to the site where Caylee’s body was found.“Casey Anthony: Her Friends Speak” features interviews with members of both the prosecution as well as Casey’s defense team. They describe their strategies in a case that had all of America glued to their TV sets. Did presenting a bombshell theory involving Casey’s father create reasonable doubt amongst jury members? How did prosecutors lose a case that many considered a “slam dunk?” Throughout the program, audiences will witness chilling audio and video recordings from Casey, her parents and her friends during the frantic weeks and months following Caylee’s disappearance.